What is a POH-GGZ?

The GP assistant Mental Health Care (POH GGZ) and the general practitioner work together in treating and guiding patients with psychological complaints such as gloom, anxiety, stress / tension, work-related problems, unexplained physical complaints and / or help with the processing of the loss of a loved one. The POH GGZ is someone with knowledge of and experience in mental health care.

What can the POH-GGZ do for you?

The practice assistant will work with you to map out your complaints and questions. Sometimes a short-term treatment (5-8 conversations) will be sufficient. In other cases you can be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes a combination of conversations and medication is required, this is done in consultation with the doctor.

How does it work?

After consultation with your doctor, you can be scheduled for an initial consultation. The first interview lasts 45 minutes, a follow-up appointment 30 minutes, depending on the individual need.
The POH-GGZ will work with you to make an overview of the complaints, but also of the circumstances that play a role in this. You will often have to complete or be sent a questionnaire to further identify your complaints and to monitor how your complaints develop. After this, follow-up appointments are made at the POH GGZ and assignments are given that you can also use to work at home.
The POH GGZ has professional secrecy. That means she doesn't talk to others about the things you tell. The POH GGZ works in the file of the general practitioner.

Who is our POH GGZ?

Marleen, she is present on Thursday and Friday.

What costs are involved?

The conversations with the POH-GGZ are fully reimbursed by the basic care general practice. You do not have to pay for the conversations with the POH GGZ.

What if I am unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend, you must cancel the appointment in advance. The time that was reserved for you can still be made available to someone else. If you do not cancel in time, the costs may be charged to you (€ 20). These costs cannot be recovered from your health insurance.

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