Practice times

The practice is open from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., from 10:30 a.m. to 00:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Consultation hours are available by appointment for general practitioners, practice nurses and assistants.

There are 10 or 20 minute appointments for the GPs. Often 10 minutes is enough. Do you have multiple questions or need more time? Then make a double appointment (2 x 10 minutes).

When making an appointment, the assistant will ask for the reason for your contact. She is trained to do this and does so in order to make the best possible estimate of the nature and urgency of your possible complaints. The assistant is (just like the general practitioner) obliged to treat your information confidentially.

Consultation by phone

For short questions, explanations and the results of investigations, you can request a telephone consultation.

You can call for this in the morning. The assistant will write down your phone number and your doctor will call you back between 12:00 and 14:00 (due to busy times later in the day or sometimes the next day!).

In certain cases, the assistants may pass the results directly to you. The assistant can offer to call you back at a calmer time.

Home visit

If it is not possible to come to the practice yourself, the GP can also visit you at home. The assistant assesses, possibly together with the GP, whether a home visit is made. If you think that a visit should be planned, please call before 10:00.

The home visit is not intended for people who have no time or no transportation to come to the regular office hours. Partly because there are wider research and treatment options in practice, it is usually better that you come to the practice. You must provide transport yourself, which you may be able to call upon family members, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances. You can also take a taxi. The health insurers do not reimburse seated patient transport.


The GP will only come to your home if you cannot travel to the practice for medical reasons.

Request results

When you have registered for you can view your results online 24 hours a day.

To request results by phone, call between 2 pm and 3 pm.

Failure to comply with agreements made

The GPs, practice assistants and practice assistants of Huisarts @ Holtenbroek charge a stay-away rate (not published without notice), if you do not show up on an appointment without timely cancellation (ie no later than 24 hours in advance). Read more about our stay-away rate below.

Why a stay-away rate?
The number of patients not appearing at an appointment has increased sharply in recent years. "Forgotten" is the main cause. Forgotten is human, but the number of patients who want to visit the consultation hours in general practice is also increasing. It is therefore very annoying for a general practice if you do not show up at an appointment. It means a waste of time, but also that no one else can be helped at that time. Many hospitals and dental practices now also apply a stay-away rate.

In order to reduce the number of missed appointments, we use a stay-away rate of € 10 or € 20. This depends on the time reserved for you. You cannot submit the bill to your health insurer.

It could of course be that there was a special reason that you did not arrive at the agreed date and time or canceled the appointment too late. You can inform us about this, preferably by email .

We count on your understanding of this measure and hope to further improve our services in this way.

Cost overview:

  • Consult GP € 10, -

  • Consult Assistant € 10, -

  • Consult Practice assistant € 20, -

  • Double consultation General practitioner € 20, -

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