Arrange your care when it suits you with MijnGezondheid.net


With MijnGezondheid.net you can arrange your healthcare matters online with your general practitioner or pharmacy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For support with your questions, see here . We do not yet use the MedGemak app. Pharmacy Holtenbroek does.


Make appointments with your doctor - How does this work? Video

Make an appointment online with your doctor. You can make an appointment 24 hours a day; this appointment will immediately appear in your doctor's agenda. You can add the appointment to your own agenda and receive a confirmation and reminder by email. If necessary, you can change the appointment yourself.


Ordering medicines - How does this work? Video

Order medication when it suits you. An information leaflet is available digitally for each medicine you use. Easily print a medication overview yourself for when you travel or, for example, need to see a specialist.


Asking questions online -   How does this work? Text - Video  

Ask a question online - via a secure connection - to your doctor or pharmacist. It is also possible to send an attachment / photo. So you don't have to drop by or call. Receive confidential messages from your pharmacy or doctor safely in MijnGezondheid.net.



View your lab results online - How does this work? Video (NOTE; for patients; watch from the 3rd minute)

When you have taken blood samples and the GP has received the result, the GP can share the result with advice directly with you in MijnGezondheid.net.


Change your contact details online

When you move, you get another email address or telephone number, you can report this online via MijnGezondheid.net. We will be notified of this and can automatically take over mutations.








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