The doctor's assistant has her office hours every working day. This is only by appointment.

If you suspect a bladder infection, you can return urine to the assistant without an appointment. Keep in mind that it should preferably be the first urine of the morning. If you cannot deliver it immediately, you must store the urine in the refrigerator.

You can contact her for the following actions:

  • Ear syringing

  • Blood pressure check

  • Pap smears related to Population Screening for cervical cancer

  • Removing stitches

  • Hb control ('anemia')

  • Glucose control ('sugar control')

  • Wound care / treatment

  • Putting injections like contraception injections or vit B12

  • Warts consultation hour

At the request of the GP, she also arranges:

  • 24-hour blood pressure measurement

  • 30 min measurement for blood pressure

  • Holter research ('making a heart video at home, when complaints')

  • CRP measurement ('ignition value')

Consultation hours by our specialised docotor's assistant (SOH)

Alita is our SOH. She is a specially trained assistant who guarantees the logistics of the (own) consultation hour by giving semi-urgent patients the attention they need. From allergic reactions to burns, it is often quickly clear whether urgent treatment is needed and the GP does not necessarily have to come to it. The SOH can independently handle or refer minor injuries and common complaints if necessary. This offers the general practitioner peace of mind during the daily consultation hour, so that there is more time for more complex problems.

  • Allergic skin reaction

  • Bite wound

  • Burns

  • Splinter into the skin skin

  • Sprained ankle

  • Sore throat

  • Urinary complaints woman

  • Nosebleed

  • Abrasions, tears and cuts

  • Sinus complaints and colds

  • Bleeding under the (toe) nail

  • Tooth by lip

  • Toe injury

  • Tick ​​bite

  • Wasp, bee, insect sting

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